Additive manufacturing:

new paradigms wanted

@ PLAST 2023

Additive manufacturing: new paradigms wanted @ PLAST 2023

eXgineering & INDEXLAB / Isinnova / moi composites

We all develop different technologies, with different materials and materials. What unites us however, is our shared love for bikes.


That is why we imagine combining our knowledge and skill in a shared stand at PLAST 2023, by means of an 8m x 16m plot showing the progress in the development of our innovative bikes.

How we envision this?

By designing a ‘production line’ for each of our bikes, showing how each of them goes from a material to a fully functional bike using our own technology. Each of us is free to design their line as they see fit, giving visitors an insight into the state of our knowledge and technology.

We explored the concept by developing a number of possible designs. The first variants revolve around the aforementioned concept of the ‘production lines’. The last one offers an alternative approach, in which there is no specific guiding theme.

These designs are an invitation to work together, and hopefully inspire to work towards a joint participation at PLAST 2023.

From 5th to 8th September, 2023,

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We are at PAV 13 STAND D172 and PAV 22 STAND C31

From 5th to 8th September attend the daily sessions on the theme “Additive manufacturing: new paradigms wanted“.

The appointment is at the Speaker’s Corner Area 3DplastHall 22/D12.

Here the complete schedule of the conferences:

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