Who is eXgineering?

Who is eXgineering?

eXgineering is a start-up, born at the intersection between Material science, Precision mechanics and Experience in micro-extrusion in special applications of extrusion. A special attention is given to the exploration of parameters that controls the mechanical and dimensional properties of the final part and to complexities deriving from the dynamics applied into the same.
The main focus of eXgineering is the industrialization of Transitional extrusion, which, beyond the many names it may take, can enable new and better devices, generating more business and saving more lives and do so in manufacturing robust and cost effective manner.




Alternating properties while building the part.


Dimensional, morphological, mechanical properties of the section can change along the tube or profile, while it is extruded.

Additive Molding

Dimensional, morphological, mechanical properties of the deposition pattern and topology can change inside the built volume.


Extensive access to customized technology allow eXgineering to generate prototypes in a relatively quick timeframe.

Process Development

Expertise and network make process development a natural second step as soon as prototyping phase is over.


Medical Tubing EU


Medical Tubing US